• Farewell letter. After five years of service, Jiso Forzani left his assignment as director of the European Sōtō Zen Buddhism Office. March 31th 2015.

  • The end of the ango, Jisō Giuseppe Forzani’s presentation at the closing ceremony of the ango held at Sōtō Zen temple “La Gendronnière” 15 September – 10 December 2007

  • A view from the bridge, letter to the European Office of Soto Zen in Paris, about the preparation and registration in Europe of Soto Zen monks. By Daido M. Strumia, Yushin M. Marassi, Jiso G. Forzani

  • To facilitate the understanding… The back stage of the International Symposium on the “Universality of Buddhism” held at La Gendronnière on June 9, 2007.

  • A greeting This article, by Jiso Giuseppe Forzani, Director of the European Soto Zen Office, has been published on Dharma Eye vol. 25 (March, 2010) but, as you can see, it has been published without a sentence. The sentence excised is added here in bold print.

  • ご挨拶, フォルザーニ慈相、曹洞宗ヨーロッパ国際布教総監。この論文は日本語の「法限」という雑誌に発行されました。しかし日本語の邦訳はイタリア語の原文のと違っていた。前の和訳には文がひとつ抜いてあったので、今度の和訳は原文と同じであり、前になかった文は赤の文字で書いてあります。

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