As we are unable to provide a translation in English of every page in this site, we have prepared a list of texts that we believe are worth reading for our english-speaking visitors.

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  • Remembering Koho Watanabe roshi Translated into English by Valentina&Peter

  • The audacity of living: in memory of Koho Watanabe Translated into English by Valentina&Peter

  • What is zen? By mym. Translated into English by Valentina&Peter

  • A window to the outside world

  • Another window to the world

  • From Stella del Mattino Community This page contains articles in English, 日本語で und in der deutschen Sprache.

  • The Soto Zen Connection The difficult living together with Soto Zen Shu

  • Zen culture: the west side Zen Buddhism hasn’t its own culture …

  • To you who has decided to become a Zen monk. By Uchiyama Kōshō rōshi. Translated from Japanese by Muhō Nöelke rōshi, abbot of Antaiji, Japan. Copyright © Antaiji. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Bridgeless Bridge – Sanshinji’s Newsletter

    By Shohaku Okumura

  • Dogen and Uchiyama Kosho translations

    By Daitsu Thomas Wright

  • On religious life

    From another planet
    By Dario Rivarossa
  • Unlikely

  • Haiku – Ka – Doodle – Doo! (last update November 17th, ’08)

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