Le temps file ses jours

Many of you were there, others have been told by email, others do not know it yet. On April 19th 2009, the Casa di Galgagnano, the headquarters and only residence of the Stella del Mattino, has wound up its activities and shut down, except for a few things that will be taken care of in the coming days and weeks.
This experience, born 15 years ago of an initial enthusiasm now extinguished, must be euthanized to make unconditioned space to the new – which, just because it is new, is still formless.

A concrete place called Stella del Mattino where people can meet and live is no longer there. We don’t know yet whether that will be for a while, or forever. An era has ended, another begins.
At the same time, responsibilities have been reassigned. Jiso Giuseppe Forzani leaves the helm of the Comunità Stella del Mattino to Mauricio Yushin Marassi.
You will find here (in Italian) Jiso’s message on this matter. It is the last post to be published on the page of the Casa di Galgagnano, but the page itself is kept as an archive of the activities that have been carried out here all these years.

2 Responses to “Important notice to the fellow travellers (shipwrecked?)”

  1. senshin Says:


    I had a little contact with you before.

    i am sorry to see this place closed down since I wanted to come there this summer if you had a sesshin Antaiji style.
    Now it seems there is not so I ask you–do you know somewhere in Europe I can do a lot of zazen in a real sesshin and not waste time. Soto, of course.

    Please answer me as quickly as possible

  2. mym Says:

    To do zazen without to waste time it looks like a good koan… Aniway, since you are looking for Antaiji styled sesshin, why don’t you ask directly to Muho, up there?

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