The group, hosted in Casa Cecchi, in Via della Paleotta 11, Fano PU, meets every Tuesday and Thursday in summer, or every Tuesday and Friday in winter, from 18.30 to 20.00 or so. These in our intentions. Sometimes the house is used by other groups and the days of practice are moved.


18.30 to 19.00 zazen
19.00 to 19.10 kin hin (straight walk)
19.10 to 19.40 zazen
19.40 -…. Greetings

Once a month there is a full day (or a half day) dedicated to zazen. Those who want informations or want to join the group can contact the responsible, Mauricio Yūshin Marassi, at yushin snail
Please refrain if not intended to waste time.

Before any contact, it is suggested to read the regulations of the group and a text published by the community. Equally useful is to be informed about the history of the Comunità La Stella del Mattino (Morning Star Community).
You can find here an indication of Casa Cecchi’s location, in Fano.

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