The Stella del Mattino Community
Fano Zazen Group

The base of the Group is situated in a green area not far from Fano down town, a touristic little town on the Adriatic Sea shore, in Central Italy. The house, a perfectly restored old peasant house called “Casa Cecchi”, it is owned by the town of Fano that gives us free use of a room for sitting and of a place where we can have meals when we sit zazen all day long.


It is a classic town-zazen-group: people are gathering twice a week to sit zazen together for a couple of hours after they daily occupations. Once a month, usually towards the end of the month, we sit from morning till late afternoon, with a short stop to have a simple meal at noon. After weekly zazen, usually, there is time for speaking of the topics of the members’ daily life. Very rarely there is a doctrinal or an academic speech delivered from who has more experience about our trying to live a real life on the basis of Buddhism; this happens only when there is a feeling that the few words usually spoken after zazen are not sufficient to satisfy the need to understand what we are really doing with our lives.
Here you can find some information about Stella del Mattino community and about our cultural production. The responsible of Stella del Mattino is now Mauricio Yūshin Marassi.
Here you can find some information about the Fano Zazen Group. To contact us, please, write to: yushin at

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