In occasione del 40o anniversario della presenza del Soto Zen in Europa, presso il tempio francese della Gendronnière si terranno un simposio su L’UNIVERSALITÀ DEL BUDDISMO ed una cerimonia di commemorazione di Deshimaru Taisen, primo giapponese a proporre lo zazen agli europei

It has already been 40 years since Taisen Deshimaru Roshi assumed as his mission the teaching of zazen in Europe. Zen, as this monk taught it, is a vigorous Buddhist activity which brings peace and essential truth to all of humanity. From the outset, religion should include this “universality”, which ensures freedom and equality among humans.

Now that the practice of zazen has spread throughout Europe as the vital essence of Zen, and Zen is becoming a part of European culture. I would like to initiate a dialogue on the fundamental nature of Buddhism – a universal religion – and on its various aspects, and to participate in this way in the reception and the transmission of the Dharma to future generations.

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Rev. Genshu Imamura, Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism European Office