• Il Madhyamakarthasamgraha di Bhaviveka
    introduzione, edizione del testo e traduzione annotata di Krishna Del Toso

  • Wonhyo’s View of the Ālayavijñāna: Centered on His Understanding of the Three Subtle Marks of the Ālayavijñāna Kim Seong-cheol

  • From Madhyamika to Yogacara Gadjin M. Naga

  • Imagination of the Unreal: Modern Interpretations of Yogacara’s “Idealism” Jeff Lindstrom

  • The meaning of “mind-only” (wei-hsin): An
    analysis of a sinitic Mahayana phenomenon
    Whalen Lai

  • Annotated translation of the chapter on the Yogacara of the Blo gsal grub mtha’: Part One Mimaki Katsumi

  • Buddhist Phenomenology and the problem of Essence Jingjing Li

  • A defence of Yogacara Buddhism Alex Wayman

  • On the Problem of the External World in the Ch’eng wei shih lun Lambert Schmithausen

  • The Contribution of the Yogacarabhumi to the System of the Two Hindrances A. Charles Muller

  • Asvabhva’s and Sthiramati’s Commentaries on the MSA, XIV, 34-35 Noriaki Hakamaya

  • Alaya-vijñana: On the Origin and the Early Development of a Central Concept of Yogacara Philosophy Lambert Schmithausen

  • Nagarjuna and the Limits of Thought Jay L. Garfield, Graham Priest

  • Dynamic Liberation in Yogacara Buddhism Alan Sponberg

  • Marginal Note on the Idealistic Conception of Cittamatra Carmen Dragonetti

  • The Yogacara Two Hindrances and their Reinterpretations in East Asia Charles Muller

  • A Yogacara Analysis of the Mind, based on the Vijnana section of Vasubandhu’s Pancaskandhaprakarana with Gunaprabha’s Commentary Brian Galloway

  • The Meaning of Vijnapti in Vasubandhu’s Concept of Mind Bruce Cameron Hall

  • Original Purity and the Focus of Early Yogacara John P. Keenan

  • Yogacara and the Buddhist Logicians Alex Wayman

  • Idealism in Yogacara Buddhism Sean Butler<

  • Philosophy of Mind in the Yogacara Buddhist Idealistic School C. Dragonetti, F. Tola
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